What We Do (when we aren’t talking Multivator)

We love machinery – farm machinery, construction equipment, tools to manage our rural lifestyle, and implements to help municipalities and contractors earn more money and be more productive. This week is the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. NFMS brings together the latest technology and best equipment from manufacturers all around the world. Suppliers talk to engineers, company leaders talk to customers, salespeople talk to the marketing team. And farmers, ranchers, tractor geeks, homeowners, dairymen and women, and township maintenance guys get to look, touch and talk about the latest equipment with knowledgable factory representatives. This is our environment and where we are most comfortable. This is what we do.

Highline – Manufacturer of Bale Processors and Forage Tools
Jason waiting for customers on the new Sitrex booth.
Our sales team, including Adam, Arin, Matt, Tom and John on the MDS Manufacturing booth.
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