General Implement Weighs in on Hemp

Multivator Distributor General Implement is located in Portland, Oregon. General has consistently been our top distributor, year after year. We believe the variety of crops grown in the Northwest, in areas such as the Yakima Valley, contribute to General’s success with the Multivator. Crops such as onions, potatoes, and native grasses are consistently driving Multivator sales in the region.

Well, this year it seems like the Hemp market will contribute to that success. We just learned about a large FPSRXA (tall clearance) machine that is going to be used for hemp cultivation. This machine is one of the largest that General has built on site in their Portland warehouse. With some build advice from Multivator expert Adam Scott, General assembled this 20′ wide frame, complete with 12 tillage heads.

Fore more information on General Implement please visit here: General Implement

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