Help Your Team & Your Customers

I found this article in Growing Produce magazine, and I think it can apply to many types of businesses, across many different industries. The article specifically discusses the need to educate your team, especially those in customer facing roles at farm markets, vineyards and agri-tourism destinations. Since customers are naturally curious about where their food comes from, they will ask questions that may put employees who don’t know the answers into awkward situations.

The solution is to educate your team about all aspects of your operation, from production to pest management to customer sale, so that they will be able to answer questions and accurately reflect the face of your business. It is important that those of us in agriculture reflect a positive image of our businesses and how integral we are to world’s supply of quality agricultural products.

The article is a quick read and can be found here. Your Direct-to-Consumer Employees Are the Face of Agriculture.

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