Front Mounting (Pushing a Multivator)

If you want to make your tractor more versatile, look to the front! Modern tractors are well suited for a front mount hitch. Common in Europe and around the world, front hitches are starting to become more available through dealers and importers in North America. If you have ever thought it would be much easier to look ahead when cultivating, maybe it is time to look at a front hitch.

If you are set-up with a front hitch and front PTO shaft, we have a solution for a front mount Multivator. These machines have been used in Europe for many years, and our Italian factory is well versed in custom making front hitches to adapt to all models of Multivator.

Check out this machine that we recently built for a small vegetable grower. It is a single row unit, set up with two tillage heads to straddle and cultivate a single row. The machine uses standard FP tillage heads, which are medium duty heads designed for a wide range of tractor horsepowers and ground conditions. The tillage heads offer 20″ of ground clearance which means this machine can cultivate a wide variety of crops. The heads can be mounted closer together on the tool bar for a narrow crop, or spread out for a wider crop like strawberries.

We have the ability to build a wide variety of configurations with the front hitch to suit your particular application. Contact us for more information on pushing a Multivator, and looking ahead while cultivating!

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