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As part of the Hayward Ag & Construction group we represent a wide range of quality manufacturers – making sure their products reach dealers in our territory, stocking a large inventory of whole goods and parts, and bringing product expertise to the dealer and customer level. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is getting feedback from satisfied dealers and customers.

C.A. Taylor, LLC is a general contractor based in Thornton Indiana. Recently they purchased a laser grading system from Level-Best, a premier manufacturer of laser grading systems that we distribute throughout the Midwest. With the help of our in-house machine control expert, Adam Crozier, we were able to provide C.A. Taylor with a turnkey solution for grading building pads which saved them man hours and material costs.

We received these photos from C.A. Taylor after grading a 24,000 ft² building site in under 5 hours. Direct quote: “Really impressed with the tool, guys. Thanks!” It is working with satisfied customers like this that makes our job truly rewarding.

Product shown: Level-Best GB108 Grading Blade, complete with Topcon laser receivers and controls.

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