More Front Mount News

As front hitches and front power take off solutions become more accessible in North America, it only makes sense that more growers are looking for front mount cultivators and other attachments. We thought we would share these pictures of large a carrot operation in the UK.

Edwards Machinery, Ltd. is the UK importer for the CO.ME.B. built inter-row cultivator. CO.ME.B. is our supplier for all things Multivator in North America. Edwards has supplied this machine in the FLAR model, complete with a folding hitch for the narrow transport requirements in the UK.

We love the stunning pictures from this carrot operation. I’m going to guess the crop was direct seeded with a Stanhay Planter (also based in the UK). I have been to many of these carrot farms in the UK and the Stanhay Planter is the preferred seeder for triple line carrots, usually planted three beds at a time.

You can see how easy it is look ahead of you when cultivating, and not make any mistakes when working in such a precise application! For more video of this project please visit our YouTube page here: Multivator.

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