Model FPSR 90″ frame set up for 2-row cultivation in strawberries

Model FPSR specifications:

  • Tractor horsepower range: 30 to 100 PTO horsepower
  • Clearance under the hex drive shaft: 20″
  • Frame widths: 66″; 90″; 132″; 180″; 192″; 240″
  • Tillage head widths: 12″ overall to 32″ overall”
  • Weasler size 6 PTO with slip clutch option
  • Optional Weasler size 8 PTO shaft with clutch (standard on 240″ frames)
  • Optional fertilizer kit; folding frame; steering guide

Model FPSR specifications:

  • Same as above EXCEPT clearance under the hex drive shaft increases to 32″. Note: this unit requires a high clearance tractor to operate as the 3-point hitch sits higher off the ground.
FPSR 66″ with two wide heads
FPSR 18-22″ head. Note: all outer blades are turned in for narrower width

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